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    Time For This

    A bald eagle screeched in the distance. A derelict silo broke up the horizon’s striated hues of blue, purple, and pink. My boots sunk into the melted … [Read More...]


    Listening For The Lullaby

    The first time I heard the lullaby, I was getting ice from the dispenser in the nurse’s lounge. I stared up at the white, drop-down ceiling, wondering … [Read More...]


    Valley of Dry Bones

    We sat across from each other—our sick four-month-old in my lap, our sick toddler having a meltdown in the living room, a delicious meal before us that I … [Read More...]

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    It’s a rare book that sweeps you up and won’t let go. The Outcast is such a book. Don’t miss this vivid, lyrical journey into a mysterious world that many view from the outside, but few understand as intimately as Jolina Petersheim. Jolina is a talented new author to watch!
    Lisa Wingate, National Bestselling and Award-winning author of Blue Moon Bay and Firefly Island

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