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    Road Trips, Pregnancy, And Fortune Cookie Wisdom

    Flare ups of Braxton Hicks prevented us from traveling far on what was to be my last road trip before my daughter’s birth. But I reasoned that since it had … [Read More...]


    Letter to My Firstborn Daughter

    I sit here at the kitchen table, listening to you playing in your crib when you’re supposed to be asleep. But you can get away with just about anything … [Read More...]


    For Better or . . . For Change

    This past weekend, my sister-in-law let us each take a personality quiz on her computer. I got a great kick out of standing behind my husband’s shoulder … [Read More...]

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    Jolina Petersheim’s debut novel, The Outcast, raises the bar for inspirational fiction. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking at once. A story of hypocrisy and redemption in a secretive community that will keep the reader turning the pages.
    Michael Morris, award winning author of Man In The Blue Moon

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