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Hello! I am a wife, mama, daughter, friend, and oftentimes stubborn child of God who loves dramatic soundtracks, old books, new places, abandoned trails, people-watching, telling stories, and pulling weeds. I am glad you’re here.

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Masterfully told, The Midwife is a riveting story with enough twists and turns in the plot to surprise any reader — all while exploring the real ethical, moral, and emotional issues surrounding surrogacy. I promise this story will make you think, pull at your heart strings, and keep you turning pages until the end.
Saloma Miller Furlong, author of Why I Left the Amish and Bonnet Strings: An Amish Woman's Ties to Two Worlds

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The September night we wed, my husband and I slow-danced. All I remember is how the two of us rocked back and forth as the crystals embroidering the hem of my dress cracked beneath his rental shoes. My…





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