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I am a Southern Belle recently transported to a solar-powered farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin with my husband and two young daughters. My goal is to find divine joy in the simple life, reminiscent of the Plain heritage my husband and I share.

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The Alliance is a gripping story that shows how cultural differences drop away in the face of life-altering circumstance and only the most deeply held truths survive. I raced to the end and wanted more. Can’t wait for the conclusion of this series!
Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of Redeeming Love and A Voice in the Wind

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Balancing Motherhood & Artistry

This Wednesday, while hiding in the bathroom, I tried to call local libraries and bookstores to line up book events for The Alliance, but my girls (four years old and nineteen months) couldn’t stand being separated from me. So, they pounded on the door and twisted on the handle until I had to open it and usher them inside. The three of us stood in front of the sink, looking at each other in the mirror, as I continued to wait on hold. A few hours later, I received an extortion letter that required me to sit on the floor while a stranger told me how much I owe. Needless to say, Wednesday was not my favorite and had my husband praying before dinner, “Thank you for this . . . day.” And then he opened his eyes and grinned at me across the table because, in that pause, he’d purposefully omitted the word “good.” But then, as my husband and I were tucking our eldest into bed, she looked at me and said, “Did your book camed out?” I titled my head. “My book?” She nodded in the dark. “The one with the plane. Did it camed out?” I touched her chin. “No, not yet.” “But your other ones camed out?” I smiled at her, my throat tight. “Yes. two.” My husband and I looked at each other across her pink comforter, and the stress from the entire day just melted off me. I could tell by my husband’s smile that it had melted off him too. Sometimes, if I’m just honest with you, I wonder if I’m making the right choice by pursuing an author career while my children are so young. I wonder if, otherwise, I’d make more macaroni crafts, read more books, be more patient, bake complicated, raw-food cookies that my children actually like. What if–once my…


The Secret to Writing a Novel

My dear friend (and former neighbor) emailed this week to ask my secret to writing a novel. Flattered, I smiled as I read her questions and promptly responded, promising that I would divulge my “wisdom” this weekend in…


The Grace of Germination

Our tiny greenhouse is filled with trays of seeds that are not bearing fruit. A few have pushed up through the dirt of the small, biodegradable pots made from a material like coffee filters. But the majority have…





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