A Peek at My Publishing Process — deadlines, teething children, kapp hunting and all!

This week, I’m honored to be hosted on Tyndale House’s blog about the past eight months since I began the publishing journey with The Outcast ~ my modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter!

My excerpt from their blog:

The morning of my conference call with Tyndale, I glanced over at the coffee table and panicked. Bolting to my feet, I stuffed a burp rag and a pacifier into a drawer – almost knocking my water bottle over in the process – sat back down and started doing breathing exercises.

Did I mention this was a conference call, not a Skype interview?

Dialing the extension Tyndale had provided, I listened to elevator music until Karen Watson, the associate publisher of fiction, picked up, followed by my agent, Wes Yoder. They briefly chatted like old friends. Karen introduced herself and her senior acquisitions editor, Stephanie Broene. As I listened to Karen’s warm, familiar drawl (she was raised in Tennessee, where I live now), the knot in my chest began to loosen.

Forty minutes later, I hung up the phone and felt as euphoric as I had after giving birth twelve weeks earlier. No contracts were signed and no promises made, but I had a feeling that my other “baby” had found a home, too.

I was right.

Now, please follow me over to The Tyndale Blog, so we can keep chattin’!



  1. I’ve never heard about your books. (Found this site through a Tyndale tweet.) Will see if our library has them. I’m celebrating authors on my blog this month. Feel free to stop by, see if you want to take part. Glad I found your site! Will follow via twitter.

    • Thank you for visiting, Linda! Actually, The Outcast isn’t being released until July 1st. I would love if your library would have them then! :)

  2. Heading over to read it, exciting!!

  3. Thank you, Julia. It means a lot! : )

  4. Couldn’t sign in to leave a comment over there for some reason, but loved the interview!

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