Too Big For My Britches…& Other Publishing News

My second book is due next Saturday, so I am going to give a breakdown of my publishing experience this week and get back to working on my deadline before my sweetpea gets up from her nap.

On May 20th, The Outcast was reviewed by Publishers Weekly:

As Rachel makes an effort to rise above her circumstances and their complications, including her child’s health issues, Petersheim’s emotional story leaves readers intrigued by the purity of Rachel’s strong will, resilience, and loyalty.

(You can read more of the review here.)

I also found out that the Library Journal will be reviewing it in their 6/15 edition. I am honored by this, and also a little nervous!

On May 22nd, the founder of the world’s largest meeting and discussing book club, Kathy Patrick, announced that The Outcast has been selected as a Pulpwood Queen’s Bonus Book Club Selection. Because of this, I get to attend Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas!

tom_shachtman_rumspringa_2For years, I have loved hearing about this author/reader gathering, where costumes are mandatory and books are placed in the limelight where they are supposed to be (at least for this book worm!). Girlfriend Weekend 2014’s theme is Viva Las Vegas. I reckon I’ll have to go as an Amish girl on rumspringa, but if you have any other ideas, let me know in the comment section. . . .

(And of course I wouldn’t be lighting up like wild Nellie here.)

That evening, my good friend and Mother of Pearl author, Kellie Jones Gilbert, told me on Facebook: “Congrats, Jolina. RT Times gave THE OUTCAST a 4-star review!”

I had no idea, though my wonderful publicist let me know the next day. It was so kind of Kellie to pass this good news on! Check out Kellie’s website. She is a wonderful writer and encouraging friend.

On Thursday, the 23rd, I traveled to Nashville to visit LifeWay’s manager, Diane. She is a precious person, and as we chatted there in the fiction aisle, I felt like I’d known her all my life. At the end, we exchanged a hug, and that meant more to me than anything!

Still flying high, I went to Nashville’s Public Library and asked if I could use the writing room. The librarian peered over her glasses and said, “Honey, that’s just for writers.”

The woman was formidable in many ways, so I sat in the main area and worked on The Midwife for a few hours before meeting up with my best friend, Misty: the dear one who’s written a song for The Outcast, which she will perform at The Outcast’s 7/27 book reception at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia.

After grabbing cucumber espressos at Fido in Nashville, we went to Literary Libations at Union Station: a gathering of writers that meets from 5:30-7:30 on the fourth Thursday of the month. Read this great article about Lit Lib from my writer friend Paige Crutcher. Or follow along on Twitter, using the hashtag #LitLib.

At swanky Union Station, my BFF and I sat side by side on one of the velveteen chairs and sipped our tea. When a new arrival came, she peered down at us and said, “Whose children are these?”

The Lord sure knows how to keep me from getting too big for my britches. . . .

Hope you have a great week, y’all!


  1. Congrats on the wonderful PW review, Jolina. And on being chosen by the Pulpwood Queens – that’s heady stuff!!

    • It is heady stuff, Cynthia. But somehow changing Miss A’s diapers in between such crazy updates keeps my head in line! And I’m thankful for it! : )

  2. Makes my heart happy to see The Outcast receiving the praise and attention it deserves. Excited to see these glimmerings of God’s good and beautiful plans for your lovely story.

  3. Thank you so much, Katherine. To God be all the glory! Xx

  4. Such wonderful news all-around (and another book being birthed ALREADY!) Wow… I can’t wait to hear more about your friend’s song, the Library Journal AND – what fun – Girlfriend Weekend! So envious; would love to go with you, dressed up as a cowgirl. What an honor that your book was chosen for this event. Keep going, girlie. You’re living the dream.

    • I wish you were coming, too, Melissa! I have a feeling we would have SUCH a great time–cowgirl boots and all! And thank you for your kind words. I don’t take them for granted, friend…. Xx

  5. Can’t wait to meet face-to-face in Jefferson at the Girlfriend Weekend! (and thanks for the sweet comment!)

    • You’re most welcome, dear Kellie! I can’t wait to meet in Jefferson, either. You’d better be prepared; I’m going to give you such a hug! ;)

  6. This is all very exciting! Congratulations!!!

  7. I LOVE reading about every step of journey! Fingers crossed on the Library Journal review!!

  8. Thanks, Nina! I have every digit crossed, too!

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