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ladyee12012-486-Edit-Edit2-606x1024Today I am honored to be hosted on author Kimberly Brock’s blog. I met Kimberly at the Southern Festival of Books last fall and got to listen to her read from her 2012 debut, The River Witch. Kim is currently nominated as the Georgia Writer of the Year, so follow me over to her blog, and then read all about her story that will charm your mind and your heart!

Excerpt from my blog post:

The Seed for Story

“A writer is a reader driven to emulation.” ~Paul Bellow

One of the girls who lived with us for a summer said that my family should host our own reality TV show. But I think we should write a book.

My father has floppy black hair needled with silver and hazel eyes that glow green when he tells a story, which he must accentuate with explosive hand motions, facial expressions, and colorful descriptions that keep his listeners enthralled.

My mother’s stories aren’t full of much action, but she is very introspective and curious: a combination that constantly spots stories and characters hidden among her interactions with customers who visit her quaint Miller’s Amish Country Store.

Launched from a genetic pool such as this, it is really no wonder that I fell in love with storytelling before I could even read. We didn’t have a TV for a majority of my childhood, so I passed time until my older brother returned from school by sitting on the front steps outside our cedar-sided home, sucking on my pastel candy necklace, and concocting elaborate stories about my day that I did not yet know were actually fibs.

Once I learned to write, I scribbled these “fibs” on notebook paper and stuffed them in an evening purse that I had ruined when I cut out the silk lining to hide a fuschia smear of dress-up lipstick. Then I cut a hole in the backyard with a child’s garden spade, tossed in the purse containing my stories, and buried it like a seed that I hoped would sprout into a creative beanstalk (Jack and the Beanstalk was one of my favorite tales at the time).

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