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9781613755228Hello, friends!

Well, we’re sure getting close to the July 1 release of The Outcast!

I’ve been working on interviews and guest posts, so I thought I would give you a breakdown of what I’ve sent out this week and let you choose which ones you want to read:

Monday: Cynthia Robertson reviews The Outcast and makes a very interesting structural comparison, which I love!

Tuesday: Cynthia Robertson interviews me. Come by and learn why I felt like an outcast on the cusp of my teenage years, my inspiration for Amos King’s deceased POV, and the unsung prophet of the London Underground.

Wednesday: Visit Southern BelleView Daily for my favorite pickle recipe from Miller’s Mennonite Cookbook and put your name in for a copy of The Outcast (drawing ends June 26th).

Wednesday: My guest post on Beyond the Margins: The Outcast: A “Shunned” Manuscript Leads to Acceptance.

Thursday: My guest post on Hemingway’s Girl and Call Me Zelda author Erika Robuck’s blog, Muse, where I discuss the difficulties of the Pennsylvania Dutch language and the ancestral record book I used to help select character’s names.

Friday: Oasis Audio provides a free sample from The Outcast’s audiobook. Narrator Tavia Gilbert knocked my socks off! (My poor husband had to listen to it about a hundred times!)

Thank you so much for all of your support and love; I couldn’t do any of this without you, my dear readers!



  1. Love that the wheels are turning! FYI, my review on Story Matters posts 7/16, Q&A on 7/19. Can hardly wait for that. :)

    • I can’t wait either, Katherine! I had SUCH fun with that Q&A of yours. You sure know how to ask the right questions. I will promote your hard work everywhere. : )

  2. You’re everywhere! So fabulous! I’m going to make the rounds

  3. Thanks, Nina! It was fun. :)

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