The Outcast E-Book Sale!

Hey, friends,

It’s a gorgeous 62 degree Saturday, and the girls and I have just returned from playing outside with their cousins. Now, my two-year-old is taking a nap; my five-year-old is eating a snack, and I am using this rare opportunity of quiet to talk to you. I hope you’re doing well.

We’ve moved into our apartment adjacent to my husband’s warehouse, where we will live until we build, and our girls love sharing a bedroom in the matching “big girl” beds that he (you guessed it!) built for them. I am twenty-eight weeks along with our third little girl, and this seems to be the easiest stretch of pregnancy so far, which is pretty good timing!

Hard to believe I graduated from college almost nine years ago!

On Monday morning, I am returning to my alma mater, University of the Cumberlands, to attend three classes that are studying my novels and to give the annual Palmer Lecture. I have spoken at various book events before, but this is certainly the largest and most formal gathering. I have my dress picked out (TJ Maxx, baby!); my husband found my dress shoes in one of the many boxes in the warehouse, and I did a green mud mask this morning to prepare for the event. (Let’s just say, when you’re seven months pregnant, you need all the help you can get.) My girls were quite fascinated by the face mask and, for whatever reason, kept screaming that I was a bear and then asking, “Are you nice?”

My husband and I were initially thinking of making this trip double as our babymoon, but after looking at my schedule, we’ve decided to wait until we can actually spend some quality time together. So my mom will be coming along! She said she can make me tea in the hotel and take care of me, and though we’ll have to see how all of that pans out (I can be pretty independent sometimes), it will be nice to have someone along for the drive.

Finally, on the bookish side of things, just wanted to let you know that my debut, The Outcast, E-book and Nook is now only $2.99! Well, I reckon that’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you here next weekend. 🙂


Jolina is a wife, mama, daughter, friend, and oftentimes stubborn child of God who loves dramatic soundtracks, old books, new places, abandoned trails, people-watching, telling stories, pulling weeds, and petting chickens. She's glad you're here.

2 thoughts on “The Outcast E-Book Sale!

  1. Dear Jolina,
    I have been praying for you about your trip and speech… for safe travels, and that you will bless, encourage and inspire.

    Have a wonderful time and let us know how it goes.

    Thanks for the heads up about the ebook.
    You have a reader for life. 😊

    Blessings over you and your family!

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